We will create a compelling 60 second video of your product or service from only R 800.00

Reach Out, Attract, Engage And Communicate with Your Clients on a Whole New Personal Level…

Stand head and shoulders above your competitors with an engaging, intriguing video of your product.

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Video Content Creation

Video Content Creation

Content is King!

We’ve all heard the saying, but royals aside, content in marketing, advertising and day to day living, is everything. We can’t avoid it or escape it, it’s everywhere.

From your key word’s search, content is served, from any question, answers in the form of content are delivered and on every road, inside every home, we are surrounded by content.

Now imagine harnessing the power of creating content? This is what we at Anim8 do.

Content helps you attract, engage, and delight prospects and customers, bringing new visitors to your site and ultimately, generating revenue for your company.

Voive Over

Voice Over

Share your voice!

In today’s technologically advanced era of entertainment, imagine having to endure watching a silent movie!

Although the visuals may grab you, it’s the sound and voices that add an important layer of audience engagement, that ultimately makes the content successful.

At Anim8, we have a network of voice over artists we use that ultimately lifts the visuals and creates a compelling piece of communication that keeps the audience’s attention.

Call To Action Buttons

For every action, there is a call to action! Imagine standing in front of an elevator and not pressing up or down? You wouldn’t leave your position. Now a Call To Action button (CTA) does just that. It takes your audience where you want them to go. It creates a movement in the marketing space and generates reactions.

By embedding a CTA button in your video, ensures you are engaging with your customers, staff or suppliers on a whole new personal level. CTA buttons allow you to drive the user experience and this could mean taking them to a sign up page, email address, website, webinar, etc.

Now it’s your turn to act!

You’ve read a brief summary of who we are, so click our CTA button to find out how we can create amazing and strategic content to accelerate your business or create a voice for yourself or your company today.

Video Personalization

Video Personalization

Let’s keep it personal!

At Anim8, we have an array of advanced technologies which allow us to personalize any piece of content. From personalized birthday messages, to individualized thank you messages, to any piece of content that requires a personal touch, we have the means to make amazing personalized videos for you.

Grow Your Business With These Basic Principles


Marketing Strategy

Ensure your campaign succeeds with a detailed marketing strategy.

Social Media Channels

Social Media Channels

Choose which platform works best for you and join groups with common interests in order to exponentially increase your reach.

Support and analysis


We hold your hand throughout the entire process as well as giving you in depth analysis of how you are doing and detailed analytics.

Traffic generation

Traffic Generation

The two most important things is Traffic Generation and Conversions. Generate more traffic to your site by setting up The Webpreneur.

Google business

Register With Google My Business

Register your business with Google My Business and start getting free traffic without having to pay Google. It is FREE!


Create A Youtube Account For Your Business

Youtube becomes a repository for all your assets like images and videos and is easier to share across all platforms.